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What is Spock/McCoy?

Welcome! If you're reading this, you're inquiring into the wonderful world of Spock/McCoy.
What is Spock/McCoy you ask?
Well, the short end of it is that Spock/McCoy is the idea that Mister Spock and Doctor McCoy from Star Trek: The Original Series are in love.
The long end of it begins the concept of love in all  of its forms, compatability, and emotions never ending.
To explain quickly, it goes as follows. If a little boy on the playground teases a little girl, it usually indicates he has a crush on her. Logically speaking, and when considering this, when Dr. McCoy makes fun of Spock for his ears, he's actually telling him he loves him.
It's a strange concept, but when taken into those terms, it makes sense. They live together, they serve together, they help each other, they protect each other, and McCoy held Spock's katra.
Simply said, they love each other.

Spock and McCoy