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The Cub's Side of the Mountain
Gen Stories

Q. Gen? I thought this was a slash website.
A. It is. However, there's some good gen that demonstrates the complex friendship that Spock and McCoy share.
As well, some of the stories that count as gen border on S/Mc. And in archiving them here, you, as the reader, are saved the time of searching through other websites to find these. Enjoy.

Nicole Comtet

Encounters and Countermoves

Until the End of Time

Pamela J. Corsa


Chris Dickenson


I Grieve With Thee

Keeper of the Katra

Rick Endres

His Was The Most Human

Cathy German

There Would Be Others


Linda McInnis

All That He Was...All That He Knew

The Day They All Came Home

Jill Thomasson

Tomb of Fear