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The Cub's Side of the Mountain
Spiced Peaches Recipe

An explanation is in order. It was decided that a symbol for S/Mc should be spiced peaches, because McCoy is Southern and Spock is Vulcan and they are very Eastern in presentation. Not to mention that when they get together, they fight. Making things spicy. It sounded good enough to me. Now for some spiced peaches.

   Title: Spiced Peaches
      Yield: 4 Servings

      4 lb Peaches
      1 c  Vinegar
      1 tb Cinnamon
      1 tb Cloves
      3 lb Brown sugar
      1 ts Ginger
      1 ts Salt
    1/8 ts Cayenne pepper

  Boil sugar and vinegar. Scald peaches, remove
  skins, and cook in syrup. Tie spices in bag and
  cook with peaches. When peaches are tender, pour
  into stone jars, reheat syrup every day for a
  week, pouring over the peaches when boiling.