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The Cub's Side of the Mountain
Submission Guidelines

To submit a story, poem, or picture, send an email to PlatoHomer2@aol.com.

1) This is the All-Ages Spock/McCoy Archive. If this story has K/S, I'd really rather you send it to the All-Ages Kirk/Spock archive. The story must have S/Mc as the main focus.
2) Pre S/Mc is acceptable as long as it doesn't involve other pairings. Yes, I'm going to repeat this multiple times.
3) The story can't have other pairings in it, that include Spock or McCoy. So, no S/Mc & K/Mc, or S/Mc and S/U, and no threesomes with Spock and McCoy. No S/Mc/whoever. However, an S/Mc story with a subpairing of K/Sc, or Uhura/M'Benga is just fine.
4) This is an All-Ages website. This means that the content of the poems and stories is not to exceed the rating of PG-13.
5) I'm kind of lax in what I count as PG-13, there's no set standard per se. I don't want mention of genetalia. I don't want mention of sex acts. This is, of course, open to certain loopholes. If McCoy were to, perhaps, say over a drink with Kirk, "I want to make love to Spock" that's quite all right. A detailed explanation of what he'd like to do, or what he ends up doing, is not acceptable. Also, if he wants to have a conversation with his genitals, that's fine, as long as nobody sees them. I'm serious. It's been done tastefully.
6)As for artwork, no full frontal (or back) nudity. Rather, nobody can be nude below the waist (Legs and feet are fine) Being naked from the waist up is fine and even encouraged at times :-)
7) My computer is not my friend. As such, if you send a story or picture, send it not only as an attachment, but in the body of the email as well, if this is possible. Any standard picture type will be fine, as well, any type of wordpad, notepad, or Microsoft Word is good. Not Word Perfect. Sorry.
8) I don't have problems with people having certain tastes in stories. I'm a sucker for a good hypnosis S/Mc myself. However, I believe all BDSM and other fetish stories should have warnings. Please put a warning on death stories. People need to know. As well, any story having to do with bodily functions is going to be counted as R automatically and is thus not suitable for this site. Sorry.
9) As per an experiment, S&Mc friendship stories will be accepted as long as neither of them is heavily involved with somebody else. Celibacy can be fun. When done with a friend.
10) On the subject of violence. Some is all right. PG-13 movies have violence in them, after all. But if the story involves gruesome details of torture, self-inflicted injury, or something on the order of genicide, consider it R.
11) On the subject of language. Some naughty language is all right. Nobody's perfect. However, if the story has dialogue similar to Glengarry Glen Ross, consider it R.
12) Please make sure all stories have a header. If they don't, I'll make one for you, and I'll use the Wheel of Disclaimer to do it.
13) Pon farr is not intrinsically R or NC-17 worthy. It has as many ranges as a rainbow.