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The Cub's Side of the Mountain

A Word From Our Sponsors

A Serious Message: These are turbulant times in which we live. We're in the middle of the break down of society and there's been a counter-movement against that breakdown. Unfortunately, this counter-movement has targeted the wrong people. Instead of focusing on those who commit crimes, those who hurt others, those who hate, they have targeted men and women whose only "crime" has been to love members of their same sex. It doesn't matter what scriptures are quoted that condemn homosexuality. Love is something that's rare enough in today's world. To condemn one for loving is a crime in itself.
Empadales stated that the universe was kept together only by love and torn apart only by strife. Considering the strife present in the world, we need all the love we can get.
Vote "Yes" for gay marriage.

GTKY: Tempest Coyote

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